Comando Auto Peças have been recurring during these more than 30 years a path of adaptations, growth and success, always answering to the needs the market imposes.

Comando Auto Peças historic

Comando Auto Peças Ltd. has 06 (six) stores in Distrito Federal and 01 (one) in Goiânia. Its central office (store number 6) lies on ADE (Economical Development Area) of Núcleo Bandeirante. Founded on February 1985 on Núcleo Bandeirante, Comando Auto Peças has been going through a trajectory of adaptations, growth and success; always responding to the needs that the market imposes. In 1993, its initial installations began small, and with the creation of Setor de Oficinas Sul, the company first filial is opened, where products of wholesalers and some factories were bought. From 16 workers (including the owner), the company starts to count on over 40, buying products from manufacturers almost with exclusivity. Its clients are no longer just final buyers, it starts to serve big garages, dealers, and some auto parts stores. In 1996, the store in SOF/SUL Quadra 4 is launched, functioning as central deposit and a wholesale store, it started in a shy way, with only two sellers. At this point, the company no longer could be administrated in a familiar way, and the process of the administration professionalization started. The three units that existed until that moment would serve the whole city. Due to the distance, some satellite cities were not well served. Then, in 1997, Taguatinga’s filial is opened, on Setor H Norte, where there was and still is a great gathering of garages and also auto parts, always with the aim of offering a customized service and products with fair prices and quality. As it was time to look for new clients, Gama was the new chosen city. In 1999 a new filial starts to work. All Comando units work on their own installations that, through the time, have to adapt to the company growing. The SOF/SUL deposit could no longer attend the flux of products and the sections were physically apart. On February 2004, on the 20 years celebration party, the central deposit, the wholesale, the administration, the commercial and the computer department moved to an area of over 3600 m² at ADE (Economic Development Area) on Núcleo Bandeirante. Recently another unit specialized in auto parts for trucks and utilitarian was opened.To attend in the best way Comando’s clients and looking for new market sectors on the auto parts field, on 2006 Direção was created. Direção is a new subsidiary company and was founded to attend lighting and bodywork market, located in Taguatinga.

Since its inauguration, it commercializes auto parts to the light, medium weight and heavy vehicles line; finished products on conditions of being conducted to sales and re-sales points. Nowadays, the company has over 600 collaborators. It is a quoted capital society and limited responsibility, administrated by its partners.

Be a leader on auto parts distribution to the national market, tightening the partnership with clients and suppliers.

Guarantee the excellency on commercialization of auto parts to the consumer and professionals of automotive repairing, maximizing value and sustainability of the business.

Client’s satisfaction – excellency on the customer service, full covering of products with quality and competitive price; Boldness – look for innovation with new technologies and improvement of processes creating new market tendencies; Group thinking – together we get stronger; Lasting relationships between collaborators, clients and suppliers – that’s the reason of any business existence; Valorization and respecting of people – compromised people, respected and fulfilled are the big difference that make everything possible; Social responsibility - the only way of growing in a fairer society; Environmental respect – that’s what gives us tomorrow’s perspective.

Units of Comando today

02 Distribution Centres in Brazil

04 Retail Stores in Distrito Federal

01 Unit specialized in heavy vehicles line

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